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der Stuhl Ferro

The Ferro chair is above all an interesting form and strong colors that dominate this season. It has a specially rounded backrest to perfectly fit the back. give comfort while sitting. The seat is also contoured, which significantly increases comfort while sitting. This model is covered with velor fabric of the highest quality.

The product is 100% Polish!

Before placing an order and to choose a fabric and footwear, please contact us by phone or email! 433 433 000, biuro@malodesign.pl

Product on order - delivery time about 21 working days.


Height: 79 cm

The width of the seat: 43 cm

Seat depth: 47 cm

  • Sitz: Polster-
  • Sitzbezug: Veloursstoff
  • Basis: stal malowana proszkowo na kolor czarny/matowa

989,00 zł

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