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Leather Armchairs

Elegant leather armchairs

Leather armchair is a unique piece of furniture, without which it is hard to imagine an elegant interior or a study. Comfortable armchair provides comfort and allows us to relax, in addition it guarantees us peace and intimacy. It is the kind of furniture that, in addition to aesthetics, gives us durability for years, thanks to its decent workmanship and the right type of leather. A timeless model of leather armchair will make any interior look exquisite and luxurious.

Leather armchair for the living room

An appropriately selected leather living room armchair will give it a designer character and elegance, as there is nothing more timeless than a leather piece of furniture placed in the honourable point of a living room. Leather armchairs also fit perfectly into the modern style, giving it a touch of luxury. A leather armchair will be a perfect complement to a sofa and a table. We can choose a classic brown leather or noble black - it all depends on our taste and idea for the interior.

Leather lounge chair

It's hard to imagine a peaceful evening relaxation without a comfortable armchair. It is thanks to the comfort of a leather piece of furniture that we can forget about stress and hard work and give ourselves over to blissful rest. A hand rest and a footrest matched to the armchair will allow us and our guests to relax while reading a book or watching TV. For most of us, comfort is not the only factor deciding on the choice of an armchair. The times when functionality did not go hand in hand with aesthetics are long gone. Today relaxation is associated with beauty and elegance. A leather lounge chair definitely combines these two elements and will satisfy every customer, even the most demanding ones.

Leather office armchair

No one needs to be convinced how important a role an office or a study plays. It is a room which has to be both neat and comfortable enough to work in, and elegant and representative - after all, this is where business meetings are held. It is worth considering buying an office leather armchair, which will be suitable both for minimalist interior and for modern or glamorous decor. Leather armchair is a chic and classy, it will give seriousness to business interiors. In Malo Design's offer you will find a wide range of elegant leather armchairs that will suit both the office and the living room.